Add a list over time for spaced repetition Slowly notes are added to Icon for Learnalist Notes based on you reviewing each note positively

What is ?

, adds (feeds) items from a list into your spaced repetition list to help YOU continuously learn.


Slowly drip feeding items from a list for spaced repetition avoids overwhelming you as you grasp new words or concepts.

How to use

  • Find a list.
  • Click on
  • Click on
  • Done

How does it work

Once you click on

  • A snapshot of the list will be saved.
  • When a note from your spaced repetition list is viewed that is linked to dripfeed. It potentially triggers a new note from the snapshot to be added for learning.

More details

When you are recalling notes in your spaced repetition list.

  • A new note starts at level 0.
  • When you click “later”, learnalist will move the level up 1, ie 0 => 1.
  • When the level is equal to 1, and it has not been added yet, we will trigger a new note to be added to your list.
  • If you say “sooner” we will send the note back to level 0.