Import and Play

A browser extension allowing you to use Learnalist tools on content from other education sites.

Add to your browser

Learnalist tools


Click thru the list at your own pace.

Total Recall

A little memory game to help recall the list.

Spaced repetition

If you are logged in, you can save the list.

Once saved you can select one or two notes for spaced repetition, or you can use “add over time” and add the entire list.

Supported sites


Is there a site missing? Please suggest it in github issues



  • Goto one of the sites above
  • Find a list your interested in and click on it
  • Click the Learnalist icon and hopefully the list will magically appear
  • Use Learnalist tools


  • Today only works with chrome

Technical notes

  • When importing a list from the above sites, it is not possible to make these lists public. These lists are for your private use.