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  • Add note
  • Remove note, with a double check to make sure it was not a mistake
  • Review notes over time via spaced repetition (info below)
  • Set daily reminder, to motivate you or pat you on the back for adding more notes
  • Cancel daily reminder
  • Able to ignore notifications
  • We explain why you should enable notifications.
  • Search thru your notes
  • Ad free (info below)

Using the app

Add note

  • Login
  • Click +
  • Add note
  • Wait 1 hour and we will notify you to review your note

Keep reading to learn what “review your note” means.

Examples of an note

Learning a language

I am learning Norwegian and I want to learn chocolate in English means sjokolade in Norwegian.

  • Open the app
  • Click +
  • Write “sjokolade”
  • Tick “Add meaning / defenition”
  • Write “chocolate”
  • Click Add
  • In 1 hour we will notify you about sjokolade

Expanding your vocabulary

I just discovered the word ridiculous, its fun to say, and I want to use it in future sentences

  • Open the app
  • Click +
  • Write “ridiculous”
  • Tick “Add meaning / definition”
  • Write “Astonishing; unbelievable”
  • Click Add
  • In 1 hour we will notify you about ridiculous

You can add notes via the web, browser extension or the app

Review note

  • A notification has arrived
  • You open the app
  • Click on Icon for Learnalist Notes
  • Read the note
  • Be honest to yourself, did you remember it? (its okay if you didnt, it is all about you)
  • Tap on it to show the meaning or definition
  • If you remembered it instantly, click “later” (you can also click sooner if you want)
  • If you took sometime to remember it, click “sooner”
  • If you didnt remember it, click “sooner”


When you click later, you are helping us know to increase the time until we show it again


When you click sooner, you are helping us know to decrease the time until we show it again

Remove note

  • Open the app
  • Tap on an note
  • Click the red bin / trash can and it will be forever deleted

What is spaced repetition

People have concluded that being reminded of something over time helps remember it,

taking it from your short term memory and moving it to your long term memory.

Honestly, the overview on wikipedia is the best place to dive into the what.

Searching the internet for “spaced repetition” will show you research papers, blog posts and more that will help answer your questions.

At learnalist.net, with your help, we will remind you of something sooner or later based on time intervals.

We use the following time intervals

Level Over time
0 1 hr
1 3 hr
2 8 hr
3 1 day
4 3 days
5 7 days
6 14 days
7 30 days
8 60 days
9 120 days

just remember

You add a note and we will handle the time intervals.

Why Ad free

  • Learning should be ad free.
  • Our time is precious, you are opening the app to learn, not review ads.
  • Learning requires focus and attention, showing an ad, dilutes from the core reason YOU opened the app.

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