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$0 USD per year

  • 50 note limit at any given time
  • More limits and features will be added over time

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Early Bird

$20 USD per year (you manually renew, if you want to pay for another year)

  • Unlimited number of notes at any given time
  • Support future development

Full refunds within 7 days - no questions asked (* minus costs from stripe)

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What happens when I click the buy button?

  • Clicking the buy button, it will ask you to login and then take you to our payment provider
  • After which your account will magically have 1 year access enabled from Today.

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What is a note?

A note is something added for learning with spaced repetition.

What if I cancel or Early Bird tier expires

  • You return to Free
  • Your data will still be available

What is your refund policy?

We provide full refunds within 7 days - no questions asked.

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